My story: How I discovered my husband’s affair

I discovered the truth on Septemer 22, 2012. I guess the truth had been haunting me despite a happy marriage and three amazing children… there was something wrong. Funny thing is, I thought I was unhappy with my job or something. No idea that the root of my unhappiness, discontent and insecurity was stemming from […]

Healing after my husband's affair-box of darkness

Two Years Later

730 days. 2 years The past two years have been building up to this so-called anniversary. I read in a book shortly after my D-Day it takes two years to heal from betrayal/infidelity. All I wanted in the beginning was to get to this point: Two years after D-Day. In two years I hoped that […]

Questions Healing After My Husband's Affair

Questions I Asked After Discovering My Husband’s Affair

A few weeks ago I wrote a post and mentioned some questions I found right after discovering my husband’s affair. I was searching for answers. I was completely unprepared for what happened to me and I wanted someone to just tell me what to do next. The truth is no one could ever tell me […]

seek to be whole-healing after my husband's affair

Wisdom on a Cup of Coffee at Starbucks

Go figure that I walk into Starbucks today and find comfort in the words on the zarf of my cup. Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect. -Oprah Winfrey

woman crying in rain Healing after my husband's affair

Infidelity Trax | Web of Sunsets | Fool’s Melodies

I’ve wanted to post this song for a long time but the band has not released a video yet and I can’t find the official lyrics online. You don’t need to read the lyrics but my favorite line is: And I tried so hard Not to feel right.

Goethe Healing After My Husband's Affair

This too shall pass and you will be okay again

Immediately after my D-Day I was searching for the answers to questions I didn’t even have yet. I wanted to be validated, heard and know that there were women that survived infidelity. In the beginning I felt isolated and alone. I had no idea that I was joining a silent alliance of betrayed women. I […]


Love, Life and Marriage After the Affair

The words in my head, the emotions I am feeling and the moments of my day-to-day life don’t always make it onto paper. Finding time and the right words has been a struggle lately. Finding the right words to express my experience is even harder. I feel as though I am in a good place […]

Infidelity Trax | I Wanna Get Better | The Bleachers

I heard this song a few months ago. I asked my husband to find the song and put it on my iPod. Little did I know he put the song on his own iPod too. He says this is his song now. He wants to get better. Hey, I hear the voice of a preacher […]


The Triggers Aren’t Done With Me Yet

During the year following my D-Day triggers were expected. I hated them, but I expected them. I bought him new underwear so I didn’t have to think about Bat Shit’s hands pulling them down, touching him. I destroyed a pair of his jeans with a Leatherman because they aged to display the worn outline of the […]

Infidelity Trax | Coldplay | Fix You

I don’t think there’s another song out there that connected with me more than this song after D-Day. I recall listening to this song over and over again. Sobbing, tears streaming down my face and wanting nothing more than to be fixed and fearing I never would be.