Such a great reblog of an article describing how a man truly feels about his OW.


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  1. I think it’s written from one man’s point of view, but is dangerously close to perpetuating ridiculous stereotypes. I know that it really doesn’t describe me, or many of the men I’ve “met” through my blog. Surprisingly, what I have found is that men and women largely have affairs for the same reasons.

    That being said, I thought there was some truths in there as well, especially about my Other Woman, although again, there’s a bit of stereotyping going on there too.

    things are rarely this clean and black and white in life. People’s reasons for affairs – and the affairs themselves – really constitute a huge spectrum. No two seem alike. Men are no more rutting pigs that just want some sex on the side because they “fear death” any more than the the OW is a bitter, used-up loser with ridiculous notions of romanticism. I’ve seen it go the opposite way too. But that being said, this is another perspective worth reading.

    • Yes, not everything in there was completely relevant to my husband’s feelings. No two affairs are alike. I’ve also learned how different my husband’s perspective was of the affair (because he was happily married) than his AP (who was divorced and alone). My husband didn’t need companionship or real love from her–he just wanted to be someone’s hero and help her from her “misery.”

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