Very Inspirational Blogger Award

Thank you to The Wanton Wife for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award… Sorry for neglecting the rules of this award for so long.

Seven things about me? Here goes nothing.

  1. I have one of those crazy, bizarre memories where I can recall almost any detail you disclose to me. I can remember your birthdate, where you grew up, where you work–pretty much anything you tell me I will remember. I try to play it cool because it freaks people out and makes me look like a stalker–but I am not… or…
  2. Ok… so in high school I enjoyed stalking boys with my friends. It was slightly over the top but never too freaky. I mean, getting a guy’s schedule from the main office and re-routing your daily walk to classes isn’t weird, is it? It was all innocent fun. And, freakily, I can still remember the name of my #1 high school crush’s mom: Anne.
  3. I love a sale. I love to shop and find deals. I wore Prada shoes to my wedding and I only paid $15 for them. But after D-Day I became obsessed with a pair of shoes that cost 5x more than I have ever spent on any pair of shoes, ever. I bought them (at my husband’s prodding and insistance). I love them and wear them all the time. Every time someone compliments my shoes, I am happy.
  4. My husband and I get turned on when there are lots of people around. You probably don’t want to know what goes on behind your backs at dinner parties and celebrations… .
  5. If I could have grown up in any decade I would choose to be a teenager in the 1970s. Deep inside me a hippy dwells. I wonder if I could have been a free-spirit if I had lived in that era? Which leads me to my next truth.
  6. I’ve never done an illegal drug of any kind or even smoked a cigarette. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to smoke pot, take ecstasy, smoke cigarettes… I even went to a few raves in college where you were offered anything and everything under the sun upon arrival. I’ve never wanted to try anything… What kind of hippy would I make?
  7. My biggest fear is lightning. I hate it. I am afraid I will be struck dead by it. I am like a quivering dog hiding under the bed when a thunderstorm begins.

There… I did it. This list took me a month to write and it’s kind of lame. Oh well. Maybe someday I’ll reveal something really exciting. 🙂


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

One thought on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations, thiswillnotdefineus!!! 😀 You write an EXCELLENT blog and you deserve this award and many more! 🙂

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