Until you heal the wounds of your past, you are going to bleed.


13 thoughts on “Until you heal the wounds of your past, you are going to bleed.

    • For me, my wounds have slowly healed with time and lots of communication. A committment to figuring out how everthing happened, how did a happy couple end up fighting for their marriage? Keep talking, keep moving forward. You may never get the answer that you want but some answers will help you release some of the pain.

  1. I read here a lot, I don’t know, then I have the feeling I’m not alone. Now it is soon 1 year that he started the affair (I didn’t knew it at this time). My birthday is coming soon, our anniversary. Last year 5 days before my birthday was he came back from HER) … early in the morning and then he left again and came back again. I asked him “what happened?” and he said “I had to pick up a co worker from jail”. No surprise who it was, he had to pick HER up from jail!! On my birthday (it was my 30th) I was the whole day alone, he came back around 7pm and gave me a present and went straight back inside in our house :(. On our anniversary, we were out and then he asked me “do you would marry me again”. I didn’t knew something and I looked in his eyes and said “what ever is, we have up and downs but I would do it again yes” …. I feel stupid :(. I knew it before he told me, I had this feeling …. but me stupid wife at home – I trusted him, I NEVER thought that he would do this to me. I hate him so much for what he has done… on the other side, I think I still love him and I really want to put my marriage in the right way again, but I don’t know how and I think he don’t told me everything! I’m so so so scared that this will happen one day again! They work still together and I have to live the next view years with that because we are here with a Visa (we are not American) and this company is our sponsor. I want to tell her too how much I hate her, I want to ask her “do it feel good now? look what you BOTH have done!” “did it feel good to hurt someone so bad?” I don’t know. Some days it is better and some days it is so hard for me to move on. It feels like the last 15 years were all LIES LIES LIES! I don’t understand him. What I have done wrong?! What? I tried so hard to help him and I tried so hard to stand by his side and then he made this. Why he hated me so much to hurt me so much? I can not talk to him anymore about this, he wants to move on 😦 and sometimes I want to scream at him …. Why he hated me so much?! I don’t get it….

      • Hi,
        I know exactly how you feel. That feeling that you are broken and things will just never be able to be put back together again. You are not alone… there are so many of us here. I often wonder how many of us our passing ships throughout our day. I look back on the first months after my d-day and wonder how I got up and lived my life. I think my kids probably saved me and forced me to keep going. Start doing things for you. Take care of yourself first and everything else will follow.

  2. I read every entry. I am one day into my post revelation life. I hope my husband will have the patience yours has with you. I doubt it. I think he will rush me and that is what will end it. He won’t stop putting himself first.

  3. I thought my husbands affair was over in October . I caught him at hotel 2 weeks ago. It’s been 5 months & I’m exhausted. I’d have more respect for him if he just called this quits. It’s not his affair , it’s his actions since after confessing his affair. Lack of compassion, lies,no openness, all of it. It’s like he became someone I don’t know. I still love him but I’m really leaning towards divorce. He’s not owning what he’s done. I’m just tired.

    • Love urself , be I a,infidelity comes from lack of r3spect not lack of luv,
      Let pain go
      Life comes once
      Do not let anyone to destroy u

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