Infidelity Trax | Coldplay | Fix You

I don’t think there’s another song out there that connected with me more than this song after D-Day. I recall listening to this song over and over again. Sobbing, tears streaming down my face and wanting nothing more than to be fixed and fearing I never would be.


12 thoughts on “Infidelity Trax | Coldplay | Fix You

      • Absolutely, no one can fix me but me. My husband left me in October 2013, I’m working through fixing myself. He is happy with his OW from 37 years ago, good for him. I will get there, after 26 years with him, it’s a slower process than I thought it would be. He’s a narcissist that everyone loves, but that’s OK, I’ll get there, and be happy.

  1. Phewwww, read this and it took me back 2years to just after d-day. I found out about my wife’s affair from ten years previous although I had suspicions at the time. Believe you me time from the event to disclosure does nothing to ease the pain. My world collapsed in a single moment and my life has been forever changed in so many ways good and bad. I lay in bed with my music as the only consolation at the time, so alone and after weeks of no sleep and listened to Phil Collins one of my favourite artists. Then a track called ‘don’t let him steel your heart away’ from hello I must be going played payed and the words destroyed me in the same way as fix you, every word seemed to crush me more and more and expose the pain in a away it had not hit me before. Just reading this took me back to this time and reminded me of the place I was in then, tears steaming down my face two years later. I am a stronger better person now and that’s for me nobody else, but the soon still lurks deep inside…..

    • It’s amazing how a song, words or a memory can take you right back to those emotions. As much as I feel like I am stronger there is this callous pain that lurks deep within me too. I want to believe I will overcome it but I wonder if it’s just a part of who I am now.

  2. I love this track. It’s great. I’m still reeling from my breakup. The shock that it was. He is now mailing me daily telling me he knows he was wrong and everything has fallen apart. He wants me back because he knows I really love him and he will never find that anywhere else. Problem is, this is the second time with this same woman he has done this. I have cried for 3 days. For some reason, I know I am doing the right thing, but my heart is absolutely breaking.

    • Be strong Elizabeth, he has had his chances. It’s better to be alone than to be used and taken for a fool. He is sick, and you should not be his “fixer”, he should be his own fixer, and if that won’t happen, move on, fix yourself. There is happiness ahead for you, with someone else. Take care of YOURSELF… Not him!

  3. Marianne Williamson has put into words for me what I have slowly been coming to realize. I am so grateful! I needed to see this today. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I would also listen to this song on repeat with tears streaming down my face when I would “go for a drive” (go down the block a little way and park on the side of the road or in a quiet parking lot). Same way for Paradise. Nothing will take me back to D-day faster than those two songs.

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