Am I harboring resentment from the way he treated me during his affair?

The primal questions of a marriage: What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?  -Nick Dunne, Gone Girl Movie Last night my husband and I watched Gone Girl. I started reading the book the summer before my D-day, but for some reason I never […]

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Triggers (again)

My husband and I were at Target last weekend doing some holiday shopping. It was late in the evening and we had just gotten in line to pay. My husband pulled his phone out of his pocket and saw he had two new text messages. It’s a new phone and he didn’t transfer his contacts […]

broken crayons still color - healing after his affair

Will my marriage survive infidelity?

Often when you are diagnosed with a disease there are statistics that will tell you the survival rate. Those statistics can either give you hope or fill you with fear. Infidelity is not a diagnosable disease but recently I wondered: Can you calculate the five-year survival rate for a couple after infidelity is discovered? The […]

Questions Healing After My Husband's Affair

Questions I Asked After Discovering My Husband’s Affair

A few weeks ago I wrote a post and mentioned some questions I found right after discovering my husband’s affair. I was searching for answers. I was completely unprepared for what happened to me and I wanted someone to just tell me what to do next. The truth is no one could ever tell me […]

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Wisdom on a Cup of Coffee at Starbucks

Go figure that I walk into Starbucks today and find comfort in the words on the zarf of my cup. Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect. -Oprah Winfrey

Goethe Healing After My Husband's Affair

This too shall pass and you will be okay again

Immediately after my D-Day I was searching for the answers to questions I didn’t even have yet. I wanted to be validated, heard and know that there were women that survived infidelity. In the beginning I felt isolated and alone. I had no idea that I was joining a silent alliance of betrayed women. I […]


Love, Life and Marriage After the Affair

The words in my head, the emotions I am feeling and the moments of my day-to-day life don’t always make it onto paper. Finding time and the right words has been a struggle lately. Finding the right words to express my experience is even harder. I feel as though I am in a good place […]

Infidelity Trax | Coldplay | Fix You

I don’t think there’s another song out there that connected with me more than this song after D-Day. I recall listening to this song over and over again. Sobbing, tears streaming down my face and wanting nothing more than to be fixed and fearing I never would be.